Hi! And welcome to our backyard garden.

My name is Leslie, and I’m a work-from-home freelancing graphic designer mother of 2 little girls. I’m also an obsessive photographer, crafter, repurposer, and avid beginning gardener. I’ve always loved gardening, and am excited to learn more as I develop our big North Central Florida backyard into a garden filled with enough organic fruits, veggies, and herbs to feed our family.


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  1. Thanks for following the Fetch Clan! I am looking forward to exploring your blog a little more. We are in North Central Florida as well so maybe we can compare gardening notes. Love your photos!

    • Thank you! There’s not much here so far. This is our first year making a serious effort at gardening and we’re enjoying it. I plan to add all the photos and notes I’ve taken since the beginning of the project as I go along.

      I started this blog to keep all my photos, notes, garden journal entries, resources, and all that good stuff in one place. I’m a bit scatter brained and I need help. 😉 Especially with 2 very active and… “spirited” girls keeping me busy all day.

      I look forward to seeing what y’all are up to and learning from you!

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